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My name is Scotty Vernon, I’m a developer and Creative Technologist based in Manchester. I run a web company called Wildflame Studios, and have worked with big clients like the BBC (BBC Sport, BBC R&D, BBC Homepage), Diageo, and England cricketer James Anderson. Creative Nightly is guinea pig project for practicing various front/back-end optimisation techniques, as well as a place for me to log/share my thoughts.

At the end of 2014, I set myself a goal to write more. Creative Nightly is the by-product of that goal. A platform for which I can record and share development notes, and share awesome things I’ve discovered in the world of tech. (Essentially, Creative Nightly is a log of my crusade to stay on top of the ever expanding / advancing web tech industry).


I hope you find the notes and articles on here are interesting. Feel free to follow, or contact me via Twitter.