What I learned in January 2015

As part of my New Year plans for self improvement, I’m going to take up a monthly retrospective. It’s something I got used to doing while working with the BBC Taster team, and I quite like it. Essentially it’s a look back on a given time period; you jot down what went well, what went bad, and what made you angry. The good is celebrated, while the rest is actioned for improvement during the next time block. At the BBC, we had retrospectives every 2 weeks, but since it’s just me, a month will do fine.

I’ll probably tinker with the format of this as the year goes on, but for now, here goes…

The good

  • Launched BBC Taster!
    • Massive news. Last week’s launch was the culmination of 10 months of hard work. I’m very proud of what myself and the rest of the team managed to achieve. The journey has just begun for the rest of the team, and I wish them luck!
  • Writing is good for you!
    • I’m really enjoying it. Especially when I spend a few days isolated in an empty office with no social interaction. It definitely helps to keep that part of your brain working!
  • I’ve been 1000% more productive this month.
    • Really. This may be due to all the little things like clearing out the apps on my iPhone, and automating tasks with Hazel (which I must write about at some point!), but I’m definitely staying much more focused for longer periods of time!
  • Incorporated more exercise into my daily commute
    • I’ve been taking the scenic route to work – walking from the Northern Quarter through the city centre, past Albert Square, through the AMC Complex, and to Deansgate tram stop. Once I get to the office, I skip the lift and take 10 flights of stairs. It’s done wonders, and properly gets me awake for the day. It’s going to be a struggle maintaining this when I’m based in my Northern Quarter office next month.
  • Things I covered/learned about this month:

The bad

  • I now have the urge to write about everything.
    • I probably need to reign this in a bit, ha.
  • The improved productivity has led to me working from dawn till dusk.
    • Again, I need to reign this in. I’ve definitely gone to bed a few times this month with an overactive brain. Not really too sure how to action this – perhaps things will settle down once I’ve gotten up to speed with the huge backlog of stuff I wanted to work on after finishing with BBC Taster. Revisit next month.
  • There’s just too much to learn
    • The industry moves at such a fast pace, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of everything – even when working from dusk till dawn. I need to stop letting this get to me and focus on improving just one thing by 1% a day.

The angry