Announcing BBC Taster

As a digital supplier for the BBC, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a few BBC projects over the last 2 years.

  • I helped BBC Homepage in 2013 with early UX prototypes of what is now becoming their vision for a new personalised Homepage.
  • I helped BBC Sport shape Live into the product it is today.
  • I’ve also helped BBC R&D with creating early prototypes of a vision for an interactive children’s app based on Sarah & Duck, which is now a fully fledged app in the app store.

However, the latest project that I’ve been working on is turning into something really special.

Say hello to BBC Taster

For the last 10 months, I’ve been working with BBC Connected Studio developing a new online product called BBC Taster.

The product started off as a vision from BBC Connected Studio to show off experiments that are developed across the BBC to the general public. Initially, I worked with a bare bones team at BBC Connected Studio to create and develop rapid prototypes for stakeholders in order to get backing and acquire funding for a fully fledged product. After achieving funding, development transitioned from prototyping to production grade continuous delivery and the team bolstered. All in all, the turnaround from concept to fully funded live product was just 10 months.

The BBC announced the new product at their Future is Now event yesterday Monday 26th Jan 2015, and the press and reception from the general public has been very positive. Here’s a few links to some of the articles: