Farewell, 2014, hello 2015!

Well, it’s that time again; another year has come to a close. This year’s been pretty good to me. I’ve been to New York and Barcelona, dabbled with Rails backend development, taken a Raspberry Pi project from concept to centre stage of my living room, and helped develop a new product for the BBC called BBC Taster (which should go live early next year went live on the 26th January 2015).

All in all, 2014’s been a good year.

But it could have been even better.

Distraction is all around us

Distraction is all around us. From cluttered desktops (both physical and non physical), smatphones overcrowded with useless apps, to the ever increasing click bait that surrounds us online. I wonder just how much more productive I would have been this year if I’d have put a foot down on the distraction that surrounds me[?].

Distraction no more

The one big thing I want to change going into 2015 is remove the amount of distraction that’s in my life. Right now, I only have a vague idea how I’m going to do it, but I know what areas I need to focus on:

  • Clear out all the useless apps on my phone. No excuses. If it hasn’t been used in a month, delete it.
  • Keep both my physical and non physical desktops completely clean at all times.
  • Stop using my laptop while watching TV - I end up not remembering what I’ve just watched, and not doing anything productive on my laptop.
  • Cut out how often I tend to email. It’s massively counterproductive.
  • Swap lifts for stairs. This month I started taking the 10 flights of stairs up to the office I’m currently working from. It’s paying benefits already. I need to continue this.
  • Stop putting things off - if it needs doing, do it immediately, or schedule it properly.
  • Automate anything repetitive that can be done by a machine.

Targets for 2015

  • I want to learn more about continuous delivery.
  • Use Rails and Meteor a lot more for back end projects.
  • Develop the Wildflame brand further.
  • Incorporate electronics into more projects.
  • Blog more. I’d like to write about something at least twice a month.
  • Exercise more by incorporating more into my daily commute.
  • Improve one thing by 1% each and every day.
  • Reduce the amount of distraction.

I want 2015 to be the year of less distraction, more automation and increased productivity. Let’s see where this takes me, and I’ll report back on any improvements I make.